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Editor's notes: Jet your way to easy profits with this airline, which offers strong growth prospects with a healthy balance sheet and a low valuation. 55%+ upside possible.

Despite a rally of over 60% so far in 2013, shares of easyJet (OTCQX:ESYJY) are still materially undervalued relative to their growth prospects. For some investors, the prospect of investing in any airline is already a daunting one, meaning that investing in a European airline (easyJet is headquartered in the United Kingdom) is an even more difficult proposition to accept. However, easyJet is far different than many other airlines, both in Europe and here in the United States. The company's balance sheet is pristine, with hundreds of millions of pounds in net cash & investments, and earnings are set to grow by at least 12% in each of the next three fiscal years. And despite its low-frills...

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