Jim Rogers on the Dollar, China and Commodities

by: Prieur du Plessis

Lindsay Whipp of the Financial Times sits down with Jim Rogers in Tokyo for a four-part interview covering the U.S. dollar, China, commodities and crisis-related issues.

Part 1: Rogers sees brief dollar rally
He says he has increased his dollar holdings in anticipation of a rally in the U.S. currency, but the dollar is still broadly set for a lasting decline.

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Part 2: Rogers still a China bull
He says he’s not buying Chinese stocks, but sees the renminbi rising despite its effective peg to the dollar.

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Part 3: Rogers backs commodities for the long run.
He says he’s fully expecting another leg up in commodities, and that real assets represent the best hedge against future inflation.

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Part 4: Rogers on the “bigger picture”.
He says he fully expects more pain in the financial sector, with many of the problems at the heart of the crisis simply being “papered over”.

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Source: Lindsay Whipp, Financial Times (here, here, here and here), November 2, 2009.