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Editor's notes: Despite representing an equal claim on earnings and 10x the voting power, Lennar's class B shares (LEN.B) trade 25% below class A shares (LEN). With activist investors hovering, the pair trade looks attractive.

Earlier this month, when I started writing for Seeking Alpha, I made a list of ideas for articles. One of the stocks near the top of the list was Molex Incorporated.

On September 9th, however, I had to cross Molex off my list. On that morning, the company announced it had been acquired by Koch Industries for a very generous $38.50 per share.

Molex is a global manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection systems and is in strong financial shape. But the reason I had the stock on my list was because of its multiple classes of stock.

Dual Class Structures

Broadly speaking, Dual Class Structures are share divisions in which companies issue shares that have differing rights....

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