Lack of Selling Pressure a Positive Signal

Includes: DIA, QQQ, SPY
by: Babak

Last week we reviewed the latest position of Lowry Research on the stock market: Turbulence Ahead, Uptrend Intact. One of the major reasons that Lowry’s continues to believe in the health of the market and a continuation of the uptrend is the lack of selling pressure.

Lowry measures this through their proprietary metric called (what else?) Selling Pressure. It remains low and falling, helping to support the thesis of a healthy market rally. According to Paul Desmond: “Every major market top in Lowry’s 76-year history has been preceded by a sustained rise in selling pressure. With selling pressure recording a new 12-month low within the past two weeks, no such rise is now evident.”

This has got to be frustrating for the bears. But it is also unbelievable to the large number of participants in the market who continue to look at the current price levels as a mirage. The US retail investor is not venturing out into equities, even after watching the stock market climb a wall of worry inch by inch.

This has been and continues to be the most hated stock market rally that I’ve ever witnessed. In any case, it is comforting to confirm Lowry’s proprietary measure of selling pressure with a similar measure from InvesTech.

Click chart to see larger version:

selling vacuum investech chart Nov 2009
Source: InvesTech

Jim Stack, the writer of InvesTech has a handy checklist for new bull market conditions. One of them is this metric. And along with the rest of the list, it has been flashing a bright green buy signal for a few months.

As well, the month of November has been historically one of the best months for the S&P 500 since 1950. I’m not sure that another 20% rally by year end will convince the retail investors to risk their money in the stock market again. But we may just see that.