Competitive Technologies: FDA-Approved Medical Device Hitting the Revenue Line

Competitive Technologies (CTT) is begining to see revenues generated as a result of the FDA approval of its very promising chronic pain mangement medical device. The company has already announced orders for 70 units and will recognize revenue for 17 units shipped in the past quarter (ending Oct. 31).

Five insiders, including the CEO, took advantage of the permitted window for insider purchaes last week and added to their holdings, despite the stock's 80% appreciation YTD.

CTT is also on the screens of mutual funds and money managers, with 6% of the shares outstanding held by institutions--enough to know that a few investment professionals are aware of CTT, but are clearly not fully invested should CTT exhibit progress in their business plan of expanding the market for their newly approved device. In other words, there is alot more room for adding to their positions with their holdings representing a very modest 6% now, than if the institutions were holding 60% of the shares O/S.

CTT's medical technology involves a non-invasive method for the rapid treatment of intense oncologic and neuropathic pain, including pain resistant to morphine and other traditional pain management drugs. CTT's device is currently in clinical trials for chemotherapy-induced pain and expects to be able to announce the results of the patient trials in the near future.

Investors should monitor CTT for future news on sales, increases in institutional ownership and trading volume increases. With only 10.24 Million shares outstanding, any increased exposure to the investment world could result in a dramatic increase in the stock's price as new investors take a position.

Disclosure: Long CTT