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UNS Energy Corp (UNS) is a regulated gas and electric utility servicing Tucson AZ and surrounding areas. In addition to the 407,000 customers served by subsidiary Tucson Electric Power TEP, the company operates a gas utility UNS Gas covering Flagstaff and Prescott AZ serving 150,000 customers, and UNS Electric covering 92,000 customers. Total customer count is about 650,000.

In addition to these regulated utilities, UNS operate 2,227 MW of generating capacity broken down as 63% coal, 29% natural gas, 7% duel fuel, and about 1% renewable. The Springville coal-fueled generating station comprises of 36% of total company-wide generating capacity and 57% of total coal-fueled generating capacity. Investors should closely watch the future of Springville as it is an...

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