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Below we highlight the best performing Russell 3,000 stocks since the March 9th, 2009 low as well as since the October 9th, 2007 market peak. As you'll see, the majority of the stocks that have done the best since March 9th are still down significantly from their 10/9/07 prices.

The real winners are the stocks that are up the most since the October 9th, 2007 market peak. These companies have seen big gains even as the market pulled back more than 60% before rallying again this year. Kirkland's (NASDAQ:KIRK) has done the best since 10/9/07 with a gain of 1,111%. KIRK rose 170% during the 10/9/07-3/9/09 bear, and has since rallied an additional 348%. Other stocks that did well during the bear market and the current bull market include BSTC, BPSG, GTE, MITI, EBIX, JRCC, and NFLX.

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Source: Best Performing Stocks Since 3/9/09 and 10/9/07