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By Michael Kanellos

Axion International (OTCQB:AXIH) – the company that makes building components like I-beams out of recycled plastic – is part of a group that has won a contract to build two bridges out of plastic at Fort Eustis. The bridges will span 80 feet and be capable of holding 130 tons.

Axion often works with the high grade plastic from recycled milk jugs.

Putting old plastic to productive use remains a small market, but it's interesting. Right now, countries have generally two options: Burn it for fuel or send it off to an emerging nation to be put in a landfill. Retrofitting it for a new use cuts landfill, of course, but it can also be more energy efficient than milling wood or steel. Other plastic fanatics: Valley Forge Fabrics, Sollega, Envion, and Ascent Solar.

"Plastics were the Great Satan," said Jim Kerstein, CEO of Axion International which makes building components like I-beams and girders out of recycled plastic. "You could pull a milk jug out of a landfill and say 'Good God! This has been here since 1973.' But if you take a negative and turn that around with an application that requires longevity, that's a positive."

Source: Axion International's Bridge to Tomorrow-from Plastic