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Editor's notes: BRU.AX has started a move up, but has significant catalysts looming that could drive further upside. Street Smart Investor sees at least a 25% opportunity.

Buru Energy (OTCPK:BRNGF), a Western Australian oil and gas company has quietly moved higher by 31% since the beginning of July 2013. The upside has been backed by several converging catalyst and the same catalyst have the potential to take the stock higher. This research digs deeper into the company focused on the Canning Superbasin in Western Australia and discusses the triggers for another 25% to 50% stock upside over the next two years.

Company And Resources Overview

Buru Energy is an oil and gas exploration and production company solely focused on the Canning Superbasin, in the southwest Kimberley region of Western Australia. The company has interests in petroleum exploration permits and licenses covering an area of 16...

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