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( followers) posted an "Organization Update from Jon Miller" memo. The CEO says changes are needed because of the company's business model shift from paid access to free Web portal and services. MarketWatch's Ben Charney also has the story.


* AOL plans to develop a new publishing and content-management system. Miller calls it a priority for the company that Jim (Bankoff) will spearhead.

* The company will soon name a Chief Privacy Officer who will oversee "a unit dedicated to aspects of how AOL interacts with and protects consumers."

* Miller wrote that it was a mistake two years ago not to have "technology resources" (probably means programmers and designers) working directly with/for managers. "We're going to complete the mission ... to move technology resources into product units. Miller called this a "fundamental shift in how we operate this business." It's significant because it must mean that when a product person wants to add a feature or try something new, he/she wont have to wait in a que for attention from the developers. The result should be faster product updates. It will also mean that managers will be more accountable because they will be directly responsible for getting things done.

* AOL is being reorganized into "smaller, nimbler product groups with more authority and greater accountability." Reporting lines were drawn for several top level executives, with those people expected to announce their charts over the next few weeks.

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Source: AOL Restructures - Again