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Editor's notes: IPXL has struggled with a key plant, but with it coming back online and regulatory issues clearing away, the company's growth could get back on track. 75% upside.

Impax Laboratories Inc. (IPXL) is engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of generic (72% of revenue) and branded pharmaceuticals (28%). Impax has 44 ANDAs at the FDA and is developing another 25 generic products. In the branded area, the company had licensed Zomig (migraines) from AstraZeneca (AZN) in February 2012. It was a strategic move that brought the company significant revenue and enabled the company to build sales and infrastructure for the marketing of Rytary, a long-acting reformulation of levodopa (a dopamine precursor) for treating Parkinson's Disease, currently awaiting approval. Rytary would be an important incremental advance in the treatment of Parkinson's since it would have reduced the "on-off" periods of regular levodopa. Rytary is...

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