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Excerpt from our One Page Annotated Wall Street Journal Summary:

Demand Bodes Well for LCD Firms

Summary: Stronger demand and tighter supplies mean improving prices for LCD panel makers and will likely translate into better earnings in Q3 and Q4 -- especially for Asian manufacturers. An analyst at market research firm iSuppli comments, "The monitor market was strong starting from July with prices increasing from August, while the notebook market improved from September, and such panel prices are just starting to increase. The TV market is also starting to pick up in September. We expect to see an improvement [in earnings] over the second quarter. But stronger results are expected in the fourth quarter." Samsung's VP of its LCD business comments, "There isn't a significant increase in capacity these days, and demand is rising, which is good news for the LCD industry." Full WSJ article >
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Source: Improving Q3 & Q4 Outlook for LCD Makers