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Editor's notes: DATA's valuation compared to peers does not compute for buysider Akram's Razor. With a lock-up expiration looming and momentum dropping, he sees up to 50% downside.

Mr. Momo: You've come to short me, haven't you?

V: Yes.

Mr. Momo: Thank God. I knew one day you'd come for me. I even thought of shorting myself. I didn't know this would turn into a bubble, I swear to you.

V: What has happened is only possible because of you.

Mr. Momo: New economy companies can do more than simply inflate a portfolio. They can change the course of human history. Is it wrong to hold onto such hope?

V: I didn't come here for what you hoped to do. I came here for what you did.

Mr. Momo: Are you going to short me now?

V: I shorted you ten days ago. While you slept peacefully waiting...

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