Apple's Technology Lead Is Set To Extend To More Products

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The new Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5S has impressed consumers, enterprises and investors with its technology advances. Just when many were focused on anticipating a lower priced iPhone line, Apple introduced the world's first 64-bit processor in a mobile device, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor for security and the impressive gold and silver cased versions that literally add luster to the iPhone 5S. Have you noticed how these new gold and silver versions have polished chamfered edges to the satin finish of the gold or silver main edge finish?

All of this is allowing Apple to largely reestablish its image and position as the technology leader, thereby making its devices more coveted and able to command top-tier prices. 5" smartphone screens are now less the hot new feature for high-end smartphones (although larger display iPhones are expected in 2014).

According to new data from NPD DisplaySearch, Apple is set to improve its displays in many of its product lines over the next year. And NPD Display Search may have not included all the new coming Apple displays in its data. NPD gets its data from supply chain sources.

Here is NPD Display Search's table of display advances it forecasts:

Note that both 4.7" and 5.7" screens in an iPhone 6 are suggested. A range of sources indicate that Apple is developing a number of different size iPhone screens and may have not yet decided which one or two larger screens the iPhone 6 may have.

More immediate-term, it is all but sure that Apple's next important product announcement will be Tuesday, week after next, October 22nd. The announcements are expected to include:

  1. New thinner, lighter 9.7" iPad 5 with narrower bezels for a sleeker overall feel.
  2. New iPad mini 2 with Retina display.
  3. 64-bit processors and Touch ID in at least the iPad 5 and possibly at least one version of the iPad mini 2.
  4. The launch of the Mac Pro that is built on a revolutionary design that is a cylinder only 6" in diameter and 10" high.

The Mac Pro was announced at Apple's developers conference in June with the promise that it would be launched this fall together with the new Macintosh OS-X Mavericks operating system software that provides an experience more like that on iPads and iPhones.

A month ago, Apple provided Mac Pro specifications that are well better than the Mac Pro it replaces. Among them is support for up to four 4K ultra HD displays. This suggests AAPL will upgrade its stand-alone displays to 4K, a resolution with four times the pixels of standard high definition. Perhaps the 4K display launch will come on October 22nd.

4K resolution 55" and 65" Apple TV sets are forecast by Display Search's for launch next year. It makes sense that Apple would make a lower volume Mac monitor its first 4K display before launching a 4K Ultra HD TV set. 5K Mac display and 4K TVs should add further luster to Apple's position and image as a technology leader.

You will note that the Display Search chart also indicates an iWatch, a 12.9" Retina display iPad and a 12" display MacBook Air in 2014. We anticipate that the 12" MacBook Air would have thinner bezels around the screen so the total size of the device would be the same as today's 11" MacBook Air.

These display improvements can be expected to be followed by other technology advances over the next year. We hope to see them launched on a continuing basis to the benefit of keeping Apple innovation in the forefront of investor, consumer and corporate buyer minds.

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