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Editor's notes: TAS is the best way to play the rare earths space, says The Critical Investor. Limited risk and big potential could mean 50% near-term upside and more in coming years.

1. Introduction

For a few months, I noticed increased attention for rare earth junior mining companies after a long period of relative silence. It must have been more than two years since I sold my own, highly speculative, rare earth plays Great Western Minerals and Stans Energy. My IB platform let them go just one day after they spiked on February 8, 2011 when these stocks fell through my trailing 20% stop-loss, which I like to use in a run up for this kind of speculative stocks. Looking back, this day could have been the end of the rare earth elements (REE) hype at that very moment, and the start of a formidable retraction of all mining stocks, as the...

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