BlackBerry Strikes Back

Oct.15.13 | About: BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY)

Not that BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) does not have problems, but when every single analyst and commenter on the Street writes about how dead you are and that you are among the "living dead", then the least you can do is fight back to defend yourself.

That's what BlackBerry did today by publishing an open letter in 30 news outlets across nine countries. BlackBerry's goal was to stress to its customer base that it is not going anywhere, despite the challenges it is facing.

In defense of BlackBerry, while many things have gone wrong, the reality (as I see it), is that the company has not been given a fair chance. And as I also see it, management is more interested in its golden parachutes than anything else. However the company is not just about management. I am sure there are many people inside BlackBerry doing all they can to pull the company together, despite that they do not have parachutes and do not get bonuses like the top brass does.

And part of that effort, BlackBerry's latest offering went sort of unnoticed by commentators and defiantly was not analyzed enough.

About a week ago BlackBerry announced a preview of its "new multi-platform cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution that will enable businesses to easily secure and manage corporate and personal devices. The new cloud-based EMM solution will give business the ease, flexibility and cost controls to support BYOD, allowing employees to enjoy the content and apps they demand, while maintaining the security requirements and productivity gains of mobilizing, for the organization."

This is indeed big news, for at least the enterprise customer will not need to install any software or worry about server downtime etc.

As per BlackBerry:

The new cloud-based EMM solution will offer:

  • Simple and fast deployment. No server hardware or software to install, just register and go.

  • Administrators can easily manage and secure smartphones and tablets. The simple Web-based admin console will provide easy activation and deployment of BlackBerry, iOS® and Android™ smartphones, app management, security policy configuration and compliance monitoring.

  • Administrators can secure, deploy and manage apps. Administrators will be able to build a catalog of public apps from the App StoreSM, Google Play™ and the BlackBerry® World™ storefront, and then view app distribution and usage for all users and devices.

  • End-users can manage their own devices through the self-service console. End-users will be able to easily perform common management tasks such as setting up or changing device passwords and remote wipe and lock without relying on an administrator, giving them independence and saving on help desk calls

My take is that this new service is will boost BlackBerry's sales and what will bring back the enterprise customer. Not that most of BlackBerry's enterprise customers have gone anywhere, however most have not updated their devices yet or updated to BlackBerry's new MDM solutions.

Like I have said before, with, all the talk about the company going out of business, most companies are hesitant to commit to or update their BlackBerry gear yet, fearing the company will not be there tomorrow.

By announcing a preview of its cloud management solution, BlackBerry is simply telling the market that it has not given up and that it's still there and it's still updating products and innovating. And I think this message will eventually get across and many companies will want to give a second thought to BlackBerry's solutions.

Because let's face it, when a small German firm is able to crack Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) new iPhone5S fingerprint scanner and take over the phone and steel your data, you don't fell that comfortable walking out on the street if you are a CEO of a big company, or if you are a government agency or some other entity that requires the maximum security possible.

So while BlackBerry has failed to inspire the average retail customer, the enterprise customer and many government agencies don't have many choices when they want the maximum security possible.

Bottom line

BlackBerry just announced a preview of a cloud management solution that will literally make it child's-play managing devices across all platforms. Coupled with the fact that its devices still offer the best security features possible, I just can't see how this company will disappear from the face of the earth as many commentators insist it will. Even if no one ends up buying this company, I still think it will survive and will do very good for shareholders, if it gets the chance.

And for today's announcement, I think it was a good idea, because if you don't fight for yourself, the competition will not do it for you.

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