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Last week, Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) introduced the first commercially available smartphone to feature a curved screen: the Galaxy Round. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the new device will allow users to "rock" the phone up at a 45 degree angle to activate the display of some basic information. The new device will retail for $1000 and only be initially available on SK Telecom's (NYSE:SKM) network.

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In the video below, I discuss how this device - while not super exciting in its own right - can impact the entire smartphone market and why Universal Display (NASDAQ:OLED) is the real winner. Samsung gets to, once again, be a market leader in releasing new technology; this indirectly benefits Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android that powers the phone. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), which has yet to release either a larger screen or an element-proof option - will have one more place to play catch-up.

Still, the real winner from the release of the new device is Universal Display, the most dominant player in the OLED space in terms of both materials and intellectual property. The Galaxy Round may not be an industry changing device, but it is a clear sign of things to come which is great news for Universal Display.

Source: Samsung Galaxy Round's Real Winner: Universal Display