Can the BlackBerry Crack Japan?

Includes: BBRY, DCM
by: Steven Towns

From our daily One Page Annotated WSJ summary:

Arriving Late, Can BlackBerry Hook Japan's Mobile Market?

Summary: NTT DoCoMo (NYSE:DCM), Japan's largest mobile-phone operator, has begun marketing Research in Motion's (RIMM) advanced BlackBerry 8707h. There appears to be strong interest among expats and particularly in investment banking. Since most Japanese have never heard of the BlackBerry and are unlikely to take to its "clunky" and "large" design compared to Japanese handsets, DoCoMo is accordingly only selling it to corporate customers and even then, particularly to foreign employees of MNCs. Furthermore, there are some differences in business culture that make the BlackBerry less meaningful to the Japanese, such as working longer hours as opposed to making oneself available via wireless/email, and doing more business face-to-face instead of relying on email; few Japanese companies even have a system in place that syncs office email networks with devices such as BlackBerries.
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Potentially impacted stocks and ETFs: RIMM competitors: Nokia Corp. (NYSE:NOK), Palm Inc. (PALM), Motorola Inc. (MOT)

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