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Editor's notes: ORCL's competitive position is much stronger than perceived, argues value investor Eliot Murray. Priced for the worst, the company's recurring revenue and cash hoard should lead to positive returns.

Oracle (ORCL) stock has been dampened by a short-term focus from Wall Street and now offers a great chance to get in on an annuity of ~$3.00/share, with double-digit growth rates in both earnings and dividends.

Business and Moat

Oracle is the world's largest provider of enterprise software and a leading provider of computer hardware products and services. They make money by selling these products and services to medium and large companies across the globe, including all 100 of the Fortune 100 companies and most of the Fortune 1000 companies.

Oracle is a business with a wide "moat" as Warren Buffett might say, or one with a sustainable competitive advantage as Michael Porter would tell you. This is...

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