Holiday Cheer: Cel-Sci Should Have Good News

| About: Cel-Sci Corporation (CVM)

Shares of Cel Sci Corp. (NYSEMKT:CVM) continued to hover right around the $1.30 mark even after's infamous biotech blogger thrust his most recent blogging salvo at Cel Sci in an attempt to keep his ongoing vendetta against the company alive - for reasons that are still yet to be known.

We can only speculate as to why Feuerstein spends so much time attempting to attack Cel Sci, but in my opinion, the reasons range from hooking up his friends who are either short the stock and looking to cover and/or hooking up his boys that may want in on a good thing. Additionally, any article regarding Cel Sci will undoubtedly draw many 'hits' to his blog - and those hits are very important for advertising revenue when your living is blogging; hence the need to both stretch out one article over multiple pages (one reader then accounts for multiple hits) and the need to make sure that a Cel Sci article is somehow attached to another published article that has nothing to do with Cel Sci. Pretty slick, I guess the past few days will make up for the lost 'clicks' due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

As for what's important - Cel Sci - news regarding the validation of the Baltimore area manufacturing facility has to be imminent, when considering the previous time frames announced by the company; and once the facility is 'good to go', I would expect an announcement stating that the long-awaited and much-anticipated Multikine Phase III trial is finally set to begin.

Any updates from the Johns Hopkins LEAPS/H1N1 trial would be an added bonus, in my opinion.

The holiday season is ripe, and regardless of the amount of time that the grinch is spending trying to ruin the holiday cheer for shareholders of Cel Sci, it looks like the residents of Whoville are starting to ignore the incessant and highly predictable griping of the grinch.

In my opinion, a few shares of CVM as stocking stuffers for this holiday season could pay off very well down the road - based on the potential of Multikine and LEAPS.

As always, each investor should do his or her own DD and invest accordingly.

Disclosure: VFC is long CVM.