SA Pro: Top Long And Short Ideas, Monday October 21

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This is a copy of the SA Pro Top Long And Short Ideas daily report sent exclusively to Pro subscribers on Monday, October 21. It was made fully available on Seeking Alpha twenty-four hours later.

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This is your daily report for Monday, October 21, with today's top long and short ideas available only to SA Pro subscribers.

Alpha-Rich Ideas Earnings Reports

Earnings season revs up this week. The following Alpha-Rich ideas are featured this week:


  1. Aware Inc. is scheduled to report its earnings Monday. Helix Investment Research said the company's true profitability would power shares higher. Read article »
  2. PLX Technology reports earnings after the close. Ashraf Eassa highlighted the company's new focus and potential in July. Read article »
  3. Eagle Bancorp also releases its earnings after the close. Stephen Simpson described how the bank could be a long-term love story. Read article »


  1. Access National is scheduled to report earnings. Intangible Valuation said the banks high return on equity and earnings power was not fully appreciated by the market. Read article »
  2. Altera reports after the close Tuesday. Ashraf Eassa pegged the company as a buy in August. Read article »
  3. Mattson Technology also reports after the close. Stephen Simpson called for 35-50% upside for the company as a cyclical upswing kicked in. Read article »


  1. Allied World Assurance reports its earnings after Wednesday's close. Insurance executive Ashleigh Rogers said the company had 20% upside with low risk in September. Read article »
  2. Stericycle reports after the close Wednesday as well. Buysider Nathan Hamilton said the company was still in the middle innings of its growth story in September. Read article »
  3. Lumber Liquidators reports its earnings Wednesday morning. Ariana Research said the company's high valuation and lack of a moat left it vulnerable to a share price decline. Read article »


  1. Posco Steel is scheduled to report its earnings Thursday. ROIC1 said the steel giant had plenty of upside over the coming years and a margin of safety. Read article »
  2. CyberOptics reports after Thursday's close. Money Trees said the company's exit from a cyclical low offered a window of opportunity for investors. Read article »
  3. Silicon Motion reports after the close as well. Ashraf Eassa has remained bullish on the company since citing the long-term opportunity in July. Read article »


  1. Legg Mason reports earnings Friday morning. Mike Williams tabbed the company for 65% upside in August. Read article »
  2. Weyerhauser also reports Friday morning. Dane Bowler argued that the company was irrationally cheap in August. Read article »

Stock Movers and Great Calls
Alpha-Rich long and short ideas regularly move stocks and identify stocks that are about to move. Some notable recent calls subscribers had early access to:

  1. Thursday, EnhydrisPECorp said the pending review Vanda's key drug offered a short opportunity whether the drug wins approval or not. The stock is -20.3% since. Read article »
  2. On August 27, Mike Arnold uncovered Steinhoff International Holdings' 36% discount to NAV despite a robust, well-diversified operating model and suggested going long. The stock is +38.4% to date. Read article »

To Come Today
Don't forget to check your SA Pro dashboard during market hours today for the latest Alpha-Rich ideas, including a mutual holding company thrift and a pair of energy plays.

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