Which Foreign Banks Have Large Exposure to Dubai World?

 |  Includes: BCS, HSBC, LYG, MFG, MTU, RBS, SMFJY
by: David Hunkar

According to the WSJ, European Banks’ UAE Exposure Totals $83.7 Billion.

The breakdown is as follows:

UK banks = $49.5B
French banks = $11.3B
German banks = $10.2B
Dutch banks = $4.7B
Swiss banks = $4.3B
Italian and Belgian banks = $3.2B

The British banks that have large exposure to Dubai World are: HSBC Holdings (HBC), Royal Bank of Scotland (NYSE:RBS), Barclays (NYSE:BCS), Llyods Banking Group (NYSE:LYG) and Standard Chartered. RBS has about $1B exposure and Barclays loaned about $200M.

The Japanese banks that lent funds to DW include Mitsubishi UFJ Financial (NYSE:MTU), Sumitomo Mitsui (OTC:SMFJY) and Mizuho (NYSE:MFG). Mizuho is owed about $100M.

Taiwanese banks’ exposure to Dubai World amounts to $196M.