How To Build Wealth In This Economy: 'Rattle Snake Investing'

Includes: CU, GLD, SLV
by: Mac Slavo

In recent years, as the greatest depression has taken hold, we've seen double digit wealth destruction in America.

With global economic fundamentals signaling further degradation in the system for years to come, it should be clear that we'll continue to see debt-based asset values collapse.

So what investments are going to survive when others fail?

The answer is simple: Hard assets.

When traditional money (such as Federal Reserve Notes) becomes worthless, people will always be willing to trade for physical assets that maintain an inherent value - whether that's food, gold, copper, or even the labor skills you've developed.

Marin Katusa of Casey Research, who we've featured regularly on this website, and who recently warned that the bubble in asset prices is invisible to most because they are embedded deeply inside of it, has some very insightful ideas for those looking to diversify into investments that will survive when others won't.

In addition to an extremely knowledgeable overview of the future of gold, silver and other commodities, Marin shares a wealth of actionable information. If you've got a child entering college, or even getting out of college with no prospects, consider some of the ideas he puts forth about how to succeed in today's unfriendly labor market. Moreover, Marin shares his thoughts on where and how you should focus your energy as it relates to personal finance and wealth building.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented strategies, and Marin Katusa has got some great ideas.

Watch this interview from Future Money Trends, featuring Marin Katusa:

Marin Katusa on how to position yourself for the long term:

You just have to be patient, I call it rattlesnake investing.

You just hang out and you wait, and when the opportunity's there, you have to snap up and grab it. And I love this market. And I don't think we're going to be out of the woods for another couple of years, but it's the choices you make today that are going to position yourself for the big upswing.

Not sure what to do? Whether you're an investor, or you're considering building your own businesses, stick to what you know and love:

Basically, get in to something and become as knowledgeable as you can as possible. Submerse yourself into it, and take some big risks.

Get in on these things early, find the right people who you can learn from. And I truly think that the first step if you want to become a truly successful investor, it doesn't matter what, it could be in utilities, it could be in pharmaceuticals. You have to follow your passion.

You can read the full transcript at Future Money Trends

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