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by Maz Jadallah


We rebalanced all clones the evening of November 20. It's a good time to update you on the year-to-date performance across our entire universe. When we launched AlphaClone, we knew our clones would perform well but even we're surprised at the results. Over 70% of all clones beat the S&P500TR index and over half returned 34.1% or more this year (the index is up 24.1% over the same period). The numbers speak for themselves. [click all images to enlarge]

Sector Allocations

Sector allocations across AlphaClone's entire fund universe are unchanged. The same five sectors made the top of the list over the past four quarters and in the same order. Looking at the year-over-year change; financials (ranked #2) and technology (ranked #3) has seen the greatest increase while energy has seen the greatest decrease.


Cap Size Category Allocations

Top five capitalization size categories were also unchanged on a quarter over quarter basis. Top investors still favor mid cap stocks the most but there has been a definite trend towards blue chips versus a year ago. Our largest cap size category (>$50 billion) was ranked fifth in Q2 2008; it's now ranked second with a 22.5% allocation.

Most Bought/Sold Stocks

The five most bought/sold stocks across our entire fund universe are listed below. On the bullish side, Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) took the prize as most bought stock with 55 funds establishing new positions and another 150 funds increasing their existing positions. In aggregate, top investor market value in BAC has increased more than three fold quarter-over-quarter. On the sell side, Rohm & Hass (ROH), Vnus Medical
(VNUS) and CV Therapeutics (CVTX) were all delisted as a result of corporate actions (mergers, acquisitions, etc.).


Source: Fund Clones Q3 2009 Rebalance Update