Survey: Just 21% of Americans Back Bernanke

by: The Daily Bail

On the morning of the most interesting re-confirmation hearings for a Federal Reserve chairman since the Fed's magical creation in 1913, Rasmussen has a new poll demonstrating that all your hard work has paid off. The citizens of Rome have spoken and, by an overwhelming majority, you're not feeling Bernanke.

Halle -- freaking -- lujah:

Ben Bernanke begins the formal process tomorrow for confirmation to a second term as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, but 41% of Americans think President Obama should name someone new to the post.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 21% of adults believe the president should reappoint Bernanke to another four-year term. But a sizable 39% aren’t sure what the president should do.

In July, Americans were more closely divided over Bernanke’s reappointment: 26% thought it was a good idea, while 33% felt the president should name someone new. Even then, however, 41% were undecided.

Bernanke’s favorables continue to fall. Only 21% have at least a somewhat favorable view of the Fed chairman now, while 38% regard him unfavorably. His critics feel more strongly since 15% have a very unfavorable opinion of Bernanke, compared to three percent (3%) with a very favorable view. Forty percent (40%) don’t know enough about him to even venture a soft opinion, though.

Bizarrely, Greenspan is more loved than Money-Buckets Benji:

Largely unchanged from the previous survey is the view Americans have of Bernanke in comparison to his predecessor as Fed chairman, Alan Greenspan. Seventeen percent (17%) say Bernanke has done a better job, but 44% think Greenspan was the better chairman. Thirty-nine percent (39%) are not sure.