Seeking Alpha Enhances ETF Research Data with Tools from Marco Polo XTF

by: SA Product Team

I’m pleased to announce a cooperative agreement between Seeking Alpha and XTF to provide at-a-glance statistical information on all Seeking Alpha ETF quote pages. The XTF data includes critical ETF information such as expense ratio, dividend, tracking error and more. Upgraded ETF quote pages with data from XTF are now live on Seeking Alpha providing additional tools for investors to use when assessing the merits of individual ETFs.

We’re focused on providing our users with powerful research tools and resources to augment our prolific coverage of ETFs. Seeking Alpha publishes more than 400 monthly articles covering a broad selection of ETFs.

As part of the cooperation, Seeking Alpha will also provide ETF-related headlines for the news and research areas of the XTF site, so its professional users can access the coverage on Seeking Alpha.

A bit about our partner: XTF offers technical and fundamental research, ratings services and other tools for investors to understand, analyze and manage their ETFs. The company’s comprehensive database covers nearly 1000 ETFs.

Our cooperation with XTF is part of a wider Seeking Alpha initiative to bolster the high level of investment analysis on the site with real-time tools for wealth managers, financial advisors and individuals to make smarter investment decisions.