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Editor's notes: Quebecois institution PJC.A is undervalued and flush with cash. With several looming catalysts, including special dividends and growth prospects, the shares offer 20%+ total return upside.

Group Jean Coutu - An Opportunity For the Patient Investor

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Jean Coutu Group PJC Inc. (PJC.A, OTCPK:JCOUF) is Canada's 2nd largest publicly traded drug store retailer with a market cap of about ~$4.1 billion and 411 locations. Their stores are located in metropolitan areas, mid-sized cities and small towns across Eastern Canada. PJC is also the second-best performing pharmacy stock in North-America in the last three years, up 122%, behind Rite Aid's 232% gain. However, these nice stats don't make PJC a hot bandwagon stock. It's actually quite the opposite. The following opportunity is appropriate for the investor with...

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