Multimedia Games Inc. F4Q09 (Qtr End 30/09/09) Earnings Call Transcript

Dec. 8.09 | About: Multimedia Games, (MGAM)

Multimedia Games, Inc. (NASDAQ:MGAM)

F4Q09 Earnings Call

December 8, 2009; 9:00 am ET


Anthony Sanfilippo - Chief Executive Officer

Adam Chibib - Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Ramsey - Chief Operating Officer

Mick Roemer - Senior Vice President of Sales

Jenny Shanks - Chief Marketing Officer

Uri Clinton - General Counsel


Todd Eilers - Roth Capital Partners


Good day and welcome to the Multimedia Games Incorporated fourth quarter 2009 conference call. Today’s conference is being recorded. At this time for opening remarks, I would like to turn the conference over to Uri Clinton. Please go ahead.

Uri Clinton

Thank you. The following presentation contains statements about future events and expectations that are characterized as forward-looking statements within the meaning of the applicable securities laws. These statements are based on management’s beliefs, assumptions, and expectations about future economic performance, taking into account information currently available to them.

Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results, performance, or financial conditions to be materially different from the expectations of future results, performance or financial conditions. Please refer to the risk factors section in our recent SEC filings for a description of certain of these risks and uncertainties. The company does not undertake and expressly disclaims any obligation to update or alter its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise, except as required by applicable laws.

Today’s call and webcast may include non-GAAP financial measures within the meaning of the SEC Regulation G. A reconciliation of all non-GAAP financial measures to the most directly comparable financial measures calculated and presented in accordance with GAAP can be found on our website at in the Investor Relations section.

Thank you so much for joining us. I’ll turn it over to Anthony Sanfilippo, Multimedia Games CEO.

Anthony Sanfilippo

Uri, thank you and welcome everyone to our fourth quarter and fiscal 2009 year and conference call, and webcast. Joining me is Adam Chibib, our Chief Financial Officer; Patrick Ramsey, our Chief Operating Officer; Mick Roemer, who is our Senior Vice President of Sales; Jenny Shanks, our Chief Marketing Officer and you just heard from Uri Clinton, who is our General Counsel. You’re going to hear in more detail from Adam, Pat and Mick in just a few moments.

Our fiscal 2009 has been eventful year and we’ll prove to be a year that our company redefine and brought focus to a profitable and sustainable business model. We discuss, when an ongoing basis here at Multimedia being disciplined. The supplies to all we do whether it’s developing terrific content for both Class II and Class III titles. Whether it’s improving existing operations while looking for new opportunities and always improving talent within our organization, or the financial discipline you consistently hear from us; we focus on this and we measure it each and everyday.

Adam, Pat and Mick will provide the significant points of interest for the fourth quarter and our fiscal 2009 year. After their comments, we’ll open up the call for any questions you may have. Adam, a number items discussed on the financial front.

Adam Chibib

Thank you, Anthony. The highlights for the quarter include our third consecutive quarter of increasing cash balances, our second consecutive quarter of positive free cash flow and further reduction in our outstanding borrowings. Additionally, in our fiscal fourth quarter, the company incurred certain charges related to the asset write-offs and reserves, litigation charges and reserves against our deferred tax asset. These charges had a material impact on EBITDA and our net loss for the fourth quarter and for the year.

A table detail in these charges was included in our earnings release earlier this morning. These charges represent our continual efforts to focus our company and our capital on core product and market initiatives and should have an indirect benefit on the operating expenses going forward. We’ll exit 2009 with a more efficient balance sheet with a higher concentration of assets we believe, we can more effectively convert to cash.

Additionally, the company elected to record a reserve against its deferred tax asset. The charge for the tax reserve resulted in income tax expense for the year of $14 million. Our year end cash balances totaled approximately $12.5 million, up $3.1 million, or 33% from our fiscal third quarter. The company generated free cash flow of approximately $8.1 million for the year. Free cash flow is defined as cash flow from operations less property and equipment purchases.

Total cash generated for the year, which is defined as cash flow from operations less cash use in investing activities was $15.7 million, which represents one of the highest levels of cash generation in the company’s history. Our year end outstanding borrowings under the company’s credit facility totaled approximately $75.7 million, down $7.7 million, or 9% from our fiscal third quarter and down $21.7 million, or 22% from our fiscal 2009 high point at the end of our second quarter.

Revenues for the three months ended September 30, 2009, totaled $32.6 million, a decrease of $5.9 million, or 15% year-over-year and up 500,000 or approximately 1% on a quarterly sequential basis. Our fiscal fourth quarter revenues included $7.3 million in gaming equipment sales and system sales. Of the $7.3 million, $2.7 million related to gaming equipment sales out of our recurring revenue base and $3.8 million was recognized out of deferred revenues. The gross margin percentage related to these sales was approximately 35%.

Revenues for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2009 totaled $127.2 million down $4 million or 3% from the prior year. EBITDA for the three months ended September 30, 2009 was $1.9 million, a decrease of approximately $11.9 million year-over-year and down approximately $14.1 million on a quarterly sequential basis. EBITDA for the fiscal fourth quarter included certain pretax charges to SG&A totaling $12.9 million related to asset write-offs and reserves, litigation expense and settlement fees and severance expenses.

Adjusted EBITDA, which is used for measuring compliance for certain conversance in our credit agreement, adds back interest income and income tax benefit if any, legal cost and settlement fees related to our settled Diamond Games litigation, stock based compensation, and certain asset impairment charges, was approximately $13.1 million for the three months ended September 30, 2009 and our trailing 12 months adjusted EBITDA was approximately $70.2 million for the period ended September 30, 2009.

Net loss for the three months ended September 30, 2009 was $34.3 million or $1.28 per diluted share compared to net loss of $1.4 or $0.06 per diluted share in a prior year period. Our fourth quarter net loss included $12.9 million in pretax charges and a $25 million tax charge to setup reserve against our deferred tax asset.

In accordance with statements of Financial Accounting Standard No. 109, accounting for income taxes, the company is required to evaluate deferred income tax asset on a quarterly basis to determine if the valuation allowance is required or should be adjusted. This valuation includes to consideration of all available evidence both positive and negative using a more likely than not standard to determine if a deferred tax asset will be resizable in the future.

Based on all available information at this time, we concluded that a valuation allowances was necessary and as such the company recorded a charge of approximately $25 million in the fourth quarter to establish and allowance against its deferred tax asset. During the quarter, total approximately $33.1 or a $1.22 per diluted share on an after tax basis.

SG&A expenses for the three months ended September 30, 2009 were approximately $27.5 million, which includes $12.9 million in charges. Excluding these charges, SG&A expenses for the three months ended September 30, 2009, were approximately $14.6 million or 45% of revenues.

Turning to the balance sheet, cash and cash equivalents were approximately $12.5 million as of September 30, up $3.1 million or 33% from our fiscal third quarter. Accounts receivable were approximately $13.4 million as of September 30, 2009, down $2.1 million, or 17% from our fiscal third quarter. The decrease in accounts receivable is attributable to increased collection efforts and an increase in reserves during our fiscal fourth quarter.

Property and equipment net was $35 million as of September 30, 2009, a decrease of $22.9 million from our fiscal third quarter. The decrease in property and equipment net is attributable to depreciation expense, an increase in reserves against certain assets transfers of assets into inventory as sales of property and equipment to customers.

For the three months ended September 30, 2009, our CapEx spend was approximately $3.5 million, which brings our total for the year to $40.6 million, which was on the low end of our anticipated range that we discussed on our last call and demonstrates that our efforts to bring discipline to CapEx spending are proving successful.

We are pleased with the progress we have made with respect to cash flows for the quarter and for the year, our continued reduction of our debt balances and for the overall reduction in total assets and liabilities that we’ve been able to achieve throughout the year.

I would now turn the call over to Pat Ramsey, our Chief Operating Officer to discuss our success and optimizing the business, as well as some additional review of certain key market. Pat.

Patrick Ramsey

Thanks Adam. As Adam stated, our revenues were down year-over-year 15% and up on a quarterly sequential basis 1%. We are very pleased to see the sequential growth, because as I stated during our Q3 call, we fully expected to experience near terms challenges regarding the WinStar renovation as well as the time in investment necessary to reverse the declines we have been experiencing in Alabama.

As I’ve done in the past few calls, I will provide a bit more color on the recurring revenue side beginning with our largest market Oklahoma. This market represented just over $17 million, or 52% of our fourth quarter total revenues. These revenues were down 13% year-over-year or $2.6 million and 12% sequentially mainly for the following reasons.

One, revenue from WinStar loan was down approximately $1 million year-over-year due to the renovation. We are pleased to report that the first two phases of renovation have been complete now for about six weeks and the property really looks fantastic. Given the track, we had anywhere from 350 to almost 500 of our highest producing machines down at any one time throughout the fourth quarter. We are pleased with the results that we’re certainly happy that these redevelopment phases have passed us.

One final phase, which will likely affect slightly over 200 of our machines, is current slighted to take place in the middle of second fiscal quarter. It is important to note that of the three phases, we expect that the final one left to complete will affect the fewest number of machines and that these machines were historically the lowest performing of the three trenches.

Number two, as we have stated a past few quarters, the year-over-year decline also reflects the one time sale of machines that occurred last year to three separate drives. These sales alone accounted for the $2.9 million year-over-year in recurring revenues. Looking back on the Oklahoma business for 2009, we are proud of the results. In the beginning of this calendar year, we expanded our footprint to 2,440 units at WinStar, the premier property in state inarguably one of nicest in the country.

We have updated our Class II platform at the major facilities in the state, which will allow us to sell our Class II footprint with strong proprietary games that are in the game development pipeline. We’ve prudently deployed capital to provide the most updated products from third parties and we have placed our all new Class III games such as Sport of Kings and key properties.

Although we have had challenges both regarding the macroeconomic conditions and major constructions at WinStar, we feel good that the win per unit for our games has grown at a pace that exceeds our competition at all of the major properties at which we have product. In Mexico, our revenues year-over-year were down $633,000, or 21% and we’re down sequentially $27,000 or 1% due to a hue factors.

First, as we have discussed in the past, the year-over-year change in the exchange rate had a significant effect. Second, our partner in Mexico, has been working through changes regarding the facilities smoking policy, which we feel negatively impacted business in our fourth quarter and into the beginning of the current quarter. Third, we continued to see an increase in supplying key markets as competitors open more facilities.

We are proud of our ability to successfully mange the challenging situation in Mexico, including the impacts some flu related re-closures in fiscal 2009. We have worked diligently to reduce the company’s capital investment in the country, while at the same time, living up to our contractual obligations and in fact, improving both our relationship with our partner and our service level. Regarding our future opportunities, we are currently working on a plan and we hope to be able to announce those details within the next few months.

In Alabama, our revenues year-over-year were down $1 million, or 35%, which is inline with recent results. As you all know, this market has been challenging for us throughout the entire year. The Silver Lining is one that our new gains at VictoryLand a largest property in the state had continued to perform at five to six times our older products performance. So well in fact, that we have worked with the properties management this current quarter to again swap out some of that order product for approximately 220 units of our new and improved games, which was a goal we stated on our last call.

Two, the Alabama Supreme Court has for the first time established standards for Charity Bingo games operating within the state and three, along with two other major suppliers we recently participated in the opening of the Country Crossing facility and built in Alabama. We have over 230 games at this fantastic new entertainment and bingo complex, which is a country music theme development of project located in the southeast region of the state.

The New York lottery business continues to pickup momentum, we were up 10% year-over-year and 4% on a quarterly sequential basis. We are proud of our product there. Our team based since connectedly and those numbers out in the filed and service we provide for the New York lottery. This year we extended that contract through 2017 and we look forward to another great year in 2010.

I will now turn the call over to Mick Roemer, who will refer you in some of our game development in sales initiatives. Mick.

Mick Roemer

Thank you Pat and good morning. In addition to giving you an update on our sales progress this morning, I’m first like to share with you the progress we’ve been making with game development. We are focused on developing content that drives customer demand and our core strategy, our four distinct product offerings.

The first is TournEvent. Our automated tournament system certainly at 2.0, made its their view at this years G2E to a positive recession, previously known as Casino Commander, we greatly enhanced the core functionality by creating a live action theater environment with 52 inch overhead plasma screen, cameras embedded to each slot machine to capture the excitements on the phases of retirement participants and a unique sound and graphic package that brings the excitement of slot tournament to live. This product captured a significant amount of attention at G2E show.

Community gaming as our second key product line, as a follow up to our supportive games we introduced our second community game Slot Car Speedway at this year show. This is a highly energetic game featuring eight Slot Cars, each with distinct team in like personalities and a powerful 3D race bonus round, when this games where it’s concept testing with casino players somewhere around the country Slot Car Speedways for a very high and created a strong emotional connection with the players.

Our third focus is our proprietary brand, one of our most proven and successful series of the games is meltdown. This year in G2E, we introduce our best effort yet Mega Meltdown. This is a three real, four clients, six level progressive targeted straight at the dollar and high denomination players. We believe this franchise has very long legs and we plan to continue to expand on the brand.

Finally with our continuing to develop a library of engaging and entertainment content for our player HD and TS cabinets, fiducially impressive 23 inch high definition monitor on our player HD cabinet along with its elegant filing as now got even better with our partnership with Cambridge SoundWorks. During FY 2010, we produced 86 titles for a various product lines. This included 29 Class III, 26 Class II, 17 Washington and 14 Mexico titles.

On the sales side, during the last quarter, we continue to make progress with our deployment of our Class III and Class II products, as well as increasing our footprint in other key markets. A few significant highlights include the placement to 126 new machines at Northern Quest Casino in Spokane, Washington.

We have also recently received additional orders in Washington as a signal of significant change in momentum for us in that market. Our initial Class III deployments in California have all now turn to revenue producing events either sales or daily fees and we are currently in fall of discussions for additional placements with each of these Casinos. We are optimistic about our forecasted pipeline for California for the coming year and expect to bring on additional Casinos in both Southern and Northern California. We see the necessary tribal licenses and approvals.

We maintain our aggressive efforts toward expanding the number of our gaming licenses, not only in California, but also in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Connecticut, as well as state licenses in commercial jurisdiction such as, Mississippi, Louisiana, Iowa and Nevada.

In that regard, we anticipate being on December agenda with Mississippi Gaming Commission for review and consideration of our license. Pending their approval and after submission of our gaming products to the Mississippi Game lab, we anticipate being able to place products in Mississippi in late Q3 or early Q4 FY 2011.

We’ve also recently added several new seasoned Account Executives storey team that bring with the improvement track record in Class III gaming. These new sales to refocusing on expanding our footprint in California and in the Midwest subject to licensing and regulatory approval, as well as freeing at some of our current resources to focus on our upcoming product lines in Mississippi and Louisiana.

In closing, I’d like to share with you how excited and proud I was with their boot our sales people and the entire Indian team at this year’s G2E. This was my 21 gaming show in Las Vegas and I must tell you, it was to really its positive enthusiastic response, it’s been a great transition year for Multimedia then share with a validation of the hard working effort of our team was recognized not only by our customers, but the industry at large.

One of the greatest compliments, I heard this year was when our friend mentioned it to me that he thought. At one point we had more competitors in our booth than customers. I think that means we’re on the right track.

Thank you and I’d now like to turn it back over to Anthony.

Anthony Sanfilippo

Mickey, thank you, Pat and Adam for providing a highlights for not only the quarter and for the year. There’s a number of things I’d like to talk about just in recap before we go to a question session with you all. One, the financial performance, we continue to focus on organically improving the assets that we have as far that Pat talked about that, things that we’re doing.

Then two you’ve heard and what’s reflected in these results is the cleanup that we have done to our balance sheet and we feel good about that. We feel like at the end of fiscal year 2009 that we have a very solid balance sheet and we’ve made a lot of progress in a number of funds there.

Mick talked a lot about really the core of our business and that’s our ability to develop traffic content both for Class II and for Class III. As part of our business, we have systems and has Pat talked about, we feel very good about the New York lottery and our contract there through 2017 and we see that as a future opportunity for us to continue to grow that business.

G2E had a lot of highlights. By far, we had the best show, there are company has had in the history of our company. We got a lot of great comments. Mick talked about the products that we have. He touched on a relationship we now have with Cambridge SoundWorks, which is a firm out of Boston and we have done a major enhancement to the quality of the sound with Cambridge that within our cabinets.

Mick talked about the titles that we produced in 2009, 86 titles that’s quite a few titles and their quality titles and then lastly Mick mentioned that, we anticipate to be on the agenda on December 18 in Mississippi and we’re no that agenda, because we have applied for a license to be able to be a commercial operator in the State of Mississippi. My General Counsel is correcting, it’s a manufacture obviously.

So we’re excited about that, that will be the first time that our company is in a state that’s basically non-tribal and we believe there’s going to be opportunity there for us. We do expect in our fiscal 2010, that we will have product on the floor. We anticipate it will be our fiscal third and fourth quarter that we’ll start to see product on the floor in the State of Mississippi.

Overall it’s been a year, as I said at the beginning we redirect and redefined, and refocused our company. I couldn’t be more pleased with the talent that’s not only in the room with me right now, but the challenges that we have throughout this organization. We have people who are excited about our company, who are focused on making it a company that is a long term and viable company that will be valuable to the shareholders of our company.

I thank you for listing to our presentation and reading through our press release. Brandon, at this point open it up for any questions that their maybe.

Question-and-Answer Session


(Operator Instructions) Your first question comes from Todd Eilers - Roth Capital Partners.

Todd Eilers - Roth Capital Partners

Anthony, I wonder if we could just maybe start on the WinStar and the remodel their and maybe we can kind of focus on the units that’s kind of one of a better understand. In the sequentially unit declines for both Class II and your Oklahoma compact. Can you tell us how many of those were removals at the WinStar just showing get a sense…?

Anthony Sanfilippo

Todd, Pat will focus on that.

Patrick Ramsey

I’m looking at the press release, the Class III unit decline 283. I believe we’re at WinStar in Class III and then in Class II about a 130 of them, so really the majority of those two categories for WinStar. The other part of the decline in Class II is related to Malta casino.

Anthony Sanfilippo

We haven’t had much of a Malta and I thing it’s appropriate to say that we have excited our business in Malta and this will be the last our quarter that will mention Malta.

Todd Eilers - Roth Capital Partners

Then so looking at the December quarter should we expect, I guess Class II removals at the WinStar to be back in the installed base and I guess the same for the compact of games?

Anthony Sanfilippo

That’s correct.

Todd Eilers - Roth Capital Partners

Then I believe you said Phase III would impact your second fiscal quarter, which is your March quarter, is that correct?

Anthony Sanfilippo

That’s correct. Right now, the plan is for that to being late February or early March.

Todd Eilers - Roth Capital Partners

Anthony, can you maybe talk a little bit about the WinStar performance that property there before and after the grand opening of the hotel. Did you guys notice a meaningful improvement and just kind of what your thoughts at this point in time?

Anthony Sanfilippo

Yes, I’ve welcome the opportunity to talk about WinStar. Pat and his comments talked about, you can argue one of the best facilities in the country and I thing that’s a very true statement that it is a traffic facility that the Chickasaw Tribal operates it, they are: various stood at running this business, it’s a large business. They did a terrific job in not only the expansion, but also in the remodel.

Now, the remodel did affect short term or revenues that we’ve talk with you about, but it has made it a seamless experience for customers from one end of the casino to the next. The hotel has added another layer of amenity there, I would say I think the bigger change has been the increase we’ve seen in advertising that they’ve done in the Dallas/Ft Worth area that has really spread business there.

As I have mentioned there, they’re very steep from an operator standpoint and I think as they started to see the economy coming back, they proportionately started to change, how they’re marketing the property. So it’s a wonderful place for us to have the footprint that we do and I think it’s going to be a facility that continues to grow.

Adam Chibib

I’ll add a little more detail on that. The construction went through pretty much the entire month of October, so in terms of getting a month that doesn’t have a lot of noise, November is really our first good month. They were just now getting full November results.

So I know, you specifically asked about the hotel opening and you’re looking for some sort of impact on the games, but given that open in early September and October it’s really hard to breakout, with given all of the construction and noise that’s happened. I think, November and December will be really good months for us to dig into understand sort of normalized business there, because it’s just like I said, the construction really just finish at the end of October.

Anthony Sanfilippo

We won’t see year-over-year comparables until January…

Adam Chibib

Yes, we won’t see through year-over-year until January…

Anthony Sanfilippo

Just on a footprint standpoint.

Adam Chibib


Todd Eilers - Roth Capital Partners

On the subject of the Chickasaws, I know that the strong partner for you guys. I know that they are purchasing Remington Park in the State, and there’s been report that they planned to add some games. Do guys have existing games installed at that facility and/or do you expect to participate in kind of the upgrade of that property?

Anthony Sanfilippo

The answer to your first question is, no we don’t have games at Remington Park. Two, as you know, it takes a matter of time for a facility to change in hands from an ownership standpoint and we believe that’s still in process right now with the Chickasaw and Magna Entertainment. They are a very important partner to us and they told us the same that we’re very important partner to them. So as they start to look at plans to add equipment to our other facilities, we would expect to be in those discussions.

Todd Eilers - Roth Capital Partners

One last question, I guess wanted to focus little bit on California. Obviously, it looks like we expect to start to see some trails converted into revenue, whether it’s sales or lease revenue. Can you give us a sense maybe with respect to licensing too and I know it’s done at individual tribe level.

So can you maybe give us a sense of how many tribes you guys are licensed with at this point in time? Then as it relates to converting trials to revenue, can you give us a sense of how much of that you would expect to be upfront sales versus some form of recurring revenue, whether it would be daily fee or participation?

Adam Chibib

I’ll actually talk about the number of licenses that we’ve gotten in a last 12 month period ending September 30, 2009, and at the same time in 2008, we had 40 licenses total as a company. Now we have 55 licenses, so that a net increase to 15 licenses. We have none of those licenses are in California.

We also have 11 licenses that are currently pending throughout various jurisdictions and as Anthony and Mick has already stated we’re on the Mississippi agenda for December. So we have been very aggressive in expanding our pipeline to license. So, Mick I’d let you talk about the process we’re going to converting those licenses into cash opportunities.

Mick Roemer

We continue to call on all the Casinos in California and we specifically just added an additional sales person for that area. So we are making progress with recent licenses approval in Northern California for instances at Thunder Valley and Cache Creek. We expect to be able to get those orders into system here within the next few months. So I think you’ll see the progress in California that we’ve talked about.

Todd Eilers - Roth Capital Partners

Then just expectations, should we expect more sales revenue or more recurring revenue from this activity?

Mick Roemer

It is the mixer of both sales and daily fee revenue share. It’s hard to predict that until we actually get on the floor and we see what the needs are in that particular Casino.

Anthony Sanfilippo

I’ll Todd, again reiterate that, it’s important to us that we do have a focus on free cash flow and the model that company has had in years past was mostly reoccurring revenue and for us to continue to have a kind performance that we’ve had over the last number of quarters on generating free cash flow and paying down debt.

While we’re open to reoccurring revenue with our customers both current and future, it’s also important that we have the ability to generate some cash sales too. I have heard more from operators that are non-tribal, that they are open to having revenues shared games on their floor, especially during this time really coming out of a recession and what’s happened from an operator side with their debt position.

So we’re going to be very responsive, selective and targeted on how we grow our reoccurring revenue base and at the same time, very aggressive as Mick has been and looking at game sales and placement. It always comes down win per unit on the floor, that’s why you do a trial. So the ability that we have to improve the content of our titles in the play of our games that it will determine our ability to turn those games into direct sales.


It appears we have no further questions.

Anthony Sanfilippo

Brandon, thank you for facilitating the call and to everybody who’s joined us. We continue to thanking you for your belief in us. We really hope you see that we are working diligently to improve this business and as I stated earlier make it a business that for many years to come will be a business at those who have invested in us, will be glad they invested in us. Thank you very much.


That does conclude today’s call. Thank you for your participation.

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