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Pfizer's (NYSE:PFE) rounds of layoffs after the Wyeth merger are continuing, and look to go on for some time. A reader in New York state sends along word that there's been some controversy over the cuts at the Pearl River site. New York law requires a company to give both the state (and employees) 90 days notice if it lays off more than a set number or percentage of its staff. Pfizer is definitely over both limits, but according to the local newspaper (the Times Herald-Record), employees were told that the law didn't apply to them.

One Pearl River employee, whose identity was confirmed by the Times Herald-Record and who was granted anonymity, said company representatives told the laid-off employees the WARN law didn't apply to them. That source expressed concern that Pfizer was intentionally laying off small pockets of people to skirt WARN.

Now the paper (taking credit for the change) reports that Pfizer has indeed filed with the state that 200 employees will be let go in March. The paper has heard that a total of about 600 people will be laid off, although there are no state papers filed to cover that number yet.

Source: Do Pfizer's Layoffs Comply with New York Law?