CloudFutures Conference Spotlight's Today’s SaaS Realities

by: Jeffrey M. Kaplan

This week’s CloudFutures conference for ISVs migrating to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in San Jose, CA, succeeded in drawing over one-hundred attendees. Participants were seeking to better understand the complexities associated with leveraging the rapidly growing array of cloud computing services to develop and deliver SaaS solutions.

The CloudFutures agenda featured a diverse group of industry pundits and practitioners regarding SaaS/cloud computing market trends; development and delivery best practices; packaging and pricing techniques; storage opportunities and security challenges; and compliance and other legal concerns.

The packed agenda gave the attendees a 360 degree view of the good, the bad and the ugly of using cloud computing resources to develop and deliver SaaS solutions.

The bottom line derived from two days of talks is that today’s cloud computing services are too embryonic and possess too many uncertainties to base an entire SaaS business upon at this time.

However, cloud computing also represents an invaluable resource to develop and test SaaS services and strategies quickly and economically.

The rapid technological evolution of the ‘cloud’ and gradual resolution of many of the business issues surrounding cloud computing will make it a more viable alternative for ongoing operations within the next two years, and a critical component of SaaS success going forward.