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If you want to watch ABC-TV's (NYSE:DIS) new "Ugly Betty," forget buying it at Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iTunes Store. "Betty" and about half a dozen of the network's hit shows are available for streaming viewing, free, on the broadcaster's site. Alexis Rapo, v.p. of digital media at ABC Entertainment said, "We're adding a significant amount of unique content, especially video, to make the primary destination for fans of our programming."

ugly betty
ABC-TV's Ugly Betty

This echoes statements made a week or so ago by Bob Iger, Disney's chairman, that he wanted the company's Web sites to become "the networks." While iTunes is selling past seasons of ABC shows, the broadcaster is primarily using it as a promotional vehicle by producing "official" podcasts for series including "Grey's Anatomy," "Lost," and The Bachelor."

Disclaimer: I own shares of Apple and Walt Disney.

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Source: Forget the iTunes Store: Disney Offering Free TV Programing at