Feedburner: Microsoft to "Socialize" Podcasts

| About: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Feedburner reports the number of subscribers to podcasts, for which his company is managing feeds, is growing 20-30% a month.

Rick Klau, vice president, business development, said that at the beginning of the year Feedburner had 1 million subscriptions to podcasts it helped deliver. That number has now grown to 5 million subscribers for 71,000 podcasts. For you math fans, that means the average podcast has ... ta da!!! ... 70 subscribers.

Klau is hopeful about podcasting's future. The soon-to-be-released Internet Explorer 7 browser has support for RSS feeds and enclosures (i.e. podcast content).

"Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is going to 'socialize' the idea of subscribing to content," Klau told the San Francisco Chronicle in an interview. "They're taking the idea of bookmarks, 'content you want to go to," and applying it to RSS and podcasts, 'content you want to come to you.'"

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