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With a gain of more than 10% after-hours, shares of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) are currently trading at record highs and back near their all-time highs from earlier this month. With this evening's gain in the stock, FB is moving back up the ranks of the most valuable companies in the world. With a market cap of over $130 billion, if the company was part of the S&P 500, it would currently rank as the 25th largest company in the index. It is pretty amazing to think that a company that didn't even exist ten years ago is now one of the largest in the world.

Back in 2007, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) was practically laughed at for buying a 1.6% stake in FB for $240 million -- valuing the company at $15 billion. Today, Facebook is bigger than Disney. Look who's laughing now.

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Source: Facebook Bigger Than Disney