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A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you all to a value stock screener by Happy Investors based on the stock value calculators and I also wanted to reveal something I’ve been thinking about and working on over the weeks as well.

To begin with, I’ve created two value stock screeners.

It’s based on finding deep value stocks with the stock calculator and Graham’s net net spreadsheet which I modified to include NCAV.

Old School Value Stock Screen

The OSV screen is filled with data and useful metrics and ratios which you won’t find in any other stock screener. For each stock, it contains all the investing ratios and metrics that I discussed previously. See the post for a full explanation on each metric that I have included.

One downside is that because there is so much information for each stock, the web page is very wide and you have to scroll across.

Also, if you want to see a specific stock which isn’t up there, send me a comment and I’ll add it in as all the stocks listed in this screen are manually configured to be as precise as possible.

10 Cheap Stocks from the OSV Screen

The results of this screen is what I will be using for the passive auto portfolio.

Based on the OSV screen, the following stocks look undervalued:


Deep Value Cheap Stocks from Graham Screen

The Graham stock screen lists the companies that are supposed to be cheap compared to their NNWC and NCAV values.

Since companies only reach their NNWC values once a decade or during extreme pessimism, I decided to include the NCAV value as well.

Just a quick reminder on what is NNWC and NCAV.

Net Net Working Capital

NNWC = Cash and short-term investments + (0.75 * accounts receivable) + (0.5 * inventory) - total liabilities

Net Current Asset Value

NCAV = current assets - total liabilities

12 Deep Value Graham Stocks

Disclosure: I own BOLT at the time of writing.

Source: 22 Cheap Stocks from Value Screens