SA PRO: Top Long And Short Ideas, Tuesday November 5

by: SA PRO Editors

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This is your daily report for Tuesday, November 5, with today's top long and short ideas available only to SA PRO subscribers.

Exclusive Alpha-Rich Ideas

  1. SM Energy: Just Getting Started, by Richard Zeits. SM's Q3 results suggest the company is still undervalued. With rapidly growing production and conservative guidance, the stock could continue to outperform in coming months. Exclusive until 9:30 AM today.
  2. Solitron Poised For Value Creation With Activist Investors Getting Involved, by Alpha Vulture. SODI's huge cash and NOL position, as well as its profit generation, suggest significant unlocked value. 25-55% upside. Exclusive until 9:45 AM today.
  3. Willis Lease Financial: An Engine Leasing Powerhouse, by Steven Reiman. WLFC has a strong track record that belies its persistent discount to book value. 30% upside. Exclusive until 10:00 AM today.
  4. Atwood Oceanics To Continue Winning Streak And Be Triple-Bagger From Current Levels, by Power Hedge. ATW has significant earnings potential that has yet to be priced in. A possible double over the coming years. Exclusive until 10:15 AM today.
  5. Valmont: Economic Growth Concerns Create Substantial Buying Opportunity, 30% Upside, by Alpha Bet. VMI has traded choppily due to macro concerns, but earnings have held up. Multiple reversion should drive upside. Exclusive until 10:30 AM today.
  6. Capital One Warrants A Closer Look, by Terrier Investing. COF's strong capital generation and low valuation make it an attractive investment, especially the warrants. 20%+ annual returns possible. Exclusive until 11:30 AM today.

Stock Movers and Great Calls
Alpha-Rich long and short ideas regularly move stocks and identify stocks that are about to move. Some notable recent calls subscribers had early access to:

  1. Last Wednesday, Christopher Owens said that National Research Corp's Class B shares were greatly undervalued due to market confusion and liquidity concerns. The stock is +17.1% since.Read article »
  2. On July 22, Money Trees said Career Education's valuation gave no credit to the company's cash hoard or turnaround potential. The stock is +50.9% to date. Read article »

To Come Today
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