Considering the Latest Chinese ETFs from GlobalX

Includes: CSUAY, JIXAY
by: Roger Nusbaum

I received an invite to go to a NYSE bell ringing ceremony for GlobalX the middle of next month. While I won't be making the trip I was curious to see that on the invite they listed all of their Chinese sector ETFs, including the Materials Sector ETF which will have ticker symbol CHIM.

That fund is not out yet so the invite makes it seem like it could be out by January 20; we'll see. I mention it because I think it has potential to be one of the more interesting of the bunch. Chances are that Jiangxi Copper (OTCPK:JIXAY) is going to be a big holding. I would also expect Shenhua Energy (OTCPK:CSUAY), which is a big coal company to be another. It will be interesting to see if the fund takes an agricultural turn, there are quite a few stocks in the industry in China so we'll see.

Along the same lines I found a site, via Seeking Alpha, called Top Foreign Stocks which has a little commentary but a lot of lists of ADRs from various countries, both NYSE and OTC, as a database of sorts. There were a couple of omissions I noticed but it would be very difficult to capture every single ADR. Also their lists so far are just ADRs, not ordinary shares.

The latest article in the Seeking Alpha Positioning For 2010 series was out yesterday. It is a writeup from Michael Johnston from ETFDatabase. It lists 10 ETFs that ETFDatabase thinks "present compelling cases for investment in the new year." I'm not sure whether the site is more about reporting news, which they do a lot of, or if there is some sort of money management tied in as well. Point being, I am not sure what is behind the recommendations. Not a knock, I just don't know; but the article is worth reading.