Nortel: The End Is Near

Includes: CIEN, NRTLQ
by: Mark Evans

Now that the Canadian government has rubber-stamped Ciena’s (NASDAQ:CIEN) $769-million purchase of Nortel’s (OTC:NRTLQ) Ethernet and optical business, and the carrier VoIP unit is now in play, it doesn’t leave much left on the lawn for the Nortel Garage Sale.

According to a Nortel spokeman (via GigaOm), the remaining assets include the joint venture with LG (OTC:LGERF) (Nortel-LG) and the 3,000 or so patents, including the much-coveted LTE patents.

And after their sale, that will be it. There will be noting left – zilch, nada, zippo, zero, nul, nunca. More than 100 years of corporate history will go down the drain, and provides years and years of business school case studies in the process.