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Excluding short funds and leveraged funds, what long funds had the highest total returns and lowest total returns in 2009 through December 24 (3 trading days remaining)?

Top Ten: (source: Morningstar)

  1. KOL: 144.19% (coal companies)
  2. RSX: 140.19% (Russia)
  3. PKOL: 136.22% (coal companies)
  4. JJC: 130.39% (copper ETN)
  5. LD: 123.79% (lead ETN)
  6. EWZ: 118.99% (Brazil)
  7. SLX: 112.22% (steel companies)
  8. INP: 102.24% (India ETN)
  9. GML: 100.50% (emerging Latin America)
  10. XSD: 98.75% (semi-conductors)

Bottom Ten: (sources: WSJ, Morningstar, Schwab)

We found some difficulty precisely identifying the worst losers. Not all were included in each database, and the databases did not agree on the YTD return. Therefore, we won’t provide the percent loss per fund, but will say that the losses ranged from over 55% (the gas funds) to over the low teens. In approximate order of worst to least worst, the ten top losers are:

  • UNG (natural gas)
  • GAZ (natural gas ETN)
  • BBH (biotechnology)
  • EDV (extended duration Treasuries)
  • TLT (20+ yr Treasuries)
  • PJB (banks)
  • KRE (regional banks)
  • GRN (carbon credits ETN)
  • COW (livestock ETN)
  • GRU (grain ETN)

Compliance Disclosure:

We do not currently own any mentioned securities. We are a fee-only investment advisor, and are compensated only by our clients. We do not sell securities, and do not receive any form of revenue or incentive from any source other than directly from clients. We are not affiliated with any securities dealer, any fund, any fund sponsor or any company issuer of any security. This report is for informational purposes only, and is not personal investment advice to any specific person for any particular purpose. We utilize information sources that we believe to be reliable, but do not warrant the accuracy of those sources or our analysis. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Do not rely solely on this research report when making an investment decision. Other factors may be important too. Consider seeking professional advice before implementing your portfolio ideas.