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Ten of the foreign fixed-line telecom stocks offer yields of more than 5% as of December 31, 2009 as shown in the table below.

Fixed-line telecom companies in foreign countries tend to be monopolies or hold a dominating position in the market even if other carriers operate. Many of them are also the largest telecom service providers in the country and have expanded into other related areas such as mobile, internet services. Though they are highly regulated, these firms have a solid customer base and continue to push other services to existing customers.

Brazilian telecom company Brasil Telecom Participacoes merged with Tele Norte Leste recently to form Tele Norte Leste Participacoes S.A. (NYSE:TNE).

The complete list of fixed-line telecom ADRs with their current yields are:

Company Ticker Dividend Yield as of Dec 31,2009 Country 2009 Returns
Brasil Telecom BTM 13.50% Brazil 62.56%
BT Group BT 3.51% United Kingdom 8.81%
China Telecom CHA 2.65% China 8.86%
Chunghwa Telecom CHT 6.25% Taiwan 30.96%
City Telecom CTEL 8.51% Hong Kong 266.04%
France Telecom FTE 6.76% France -10.08%
Hellenic Telecom OTE 6.90% Greece -9.51%
Invitel IHO n/a Denmark -47.44%
KT KTC n/a Korea 14.66%
Magyar Telekom MTA 9.36% Hungary 34.98%
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam MTE 2.76% India -11.27%
Maxcom Telecomunicaciones MXT n/a Mexico 60.16%
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone NTT n/a Japan -27.40%
Nortel Invesora NTL n/a Argentina 264.08%
Portugal Telecom PT 6.16% Portugal 41.49%
Rostelecom ROS n/a Russia -50.70%
Tata Communications TCL 1.28% India -32.38%
Tele Norte Leste Participacoes S.A. TNE 21.91% Brazil 53.88%
Telecom Argentina TEO n/a Argentina 121.32%
Telecom Corporation of New Zealand NZT 9.59% New Zealand 34.18%
Telecom Italia TI 4.22% Italy -5.05%
Telecomunicacoes de Sao Paulo TSP 1.94% Brazil 28.65%
Telefonica TEF 5.33% Spain 23.94%
Telefonica de Argentina TAR n/a Argentina 30.00%
Telefonos de Mexico TMX 4.30% Mexico -20.82%
Telekomunikasi Indonesia TLK 0.28% Indonesia 59.74%
Source: The Complete List of Foreign Telecom ADRS, with 2009 Returns and Current Yields