Chart: Precious Metals and Bonds' Domination of the '00s

by: Adam Sharp

Telling chart by Jesse, showing the returns of various asset classes, 01/01/2000 – 12/31/2009. Note – If you factored in the 25% price inflation since 2000, it’d be even uglier (official CPI inflation # via BLS’ CPI tool).

How bout that Nasdaq 100? Kinda shocking from this vantage point. Down 49% in 10 years (excluding dividends, which wouldn’t improve the situation much for these low-yielders. Especially if you take inflation into account). Ugly all around, minus hard assets.

It’d be interesting to see an energy/oil stocks index included in the mix. I’ll put it on the to-do list.

In another 10 years, I suspect we’ll all be looking back on this period with 2020 hindsight. Har har… ha. Saw that on Reddit, couldn’t resist.