Reaction to Google Nexus One and Spectrum Clarity

Includes: GOOG, S, VZ
by: BlindReason

I feel somewhat bad for the guy from Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) presenting the Nexus One phone. Hard to match Steve Jobs and his product introductions. However, the guy looks more than a tad nervous.

The device is coming to Verizon (NYSE:VZ) in the Spring. Given Google is insisting on lack of user control, one would presume Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) would have no problems doing a deal with Verizon if it was going to do a CDMA phone.

Why does nobody put these phones on Sprint (NYSE:S)? Sorry, but their network is really not bad and it's getting rather humorous how these guys cannot get a break. They have huge capacity now since almost nobody is on it. Sprint was one of the first out of the gate with great data capabilities and great devices. Interesting to me how they almost never get decent devices now. This dog has been kicked so bad, I can't help thinking it's got upside.

The Nexus device is nice, but it's not a barn burner. Google is making it clear it's part of a series so expectations are not too high.

I would LOVE to see a WI-Max/CDMA dual mode version of this with no voice plan on Sprint/Clearwire. No voice plan. 49.99 all data and Google voice on on my phone #.

All this noise about how we don't have enough spectrum allocated to data. While we can certainly free some up, part of the problem is big carriers warehousing the stuff to keep competitors out. For example, Verizon. Take a look at a chart comparing MHz of spectrum owned by US carrier and subscriber based per population density. Then compare that to Europe and Japan, which have much denser populations. Some of these carriers who bought spectrum just to keep their competitors out need to be the first ones to give up their licenses so new national broadband competitors can emerge. Re-auction it and let's get some new companies started.

Disclosure: Long Google, Sprint, Verizon.