Three Highest Yielding American Stock Exchange Stocks

Includes: GEL, NMZ, NYX, PRK
by: Stockerblog

American Stock Exchange or AmEx was founded in 1842 at the New York Curb Exchange. On October 1, 2008, NYSE Euronext (NYSE:NYX) took over the American Stock Exchange. The AmEx is now known as NYSE Amex Equities.

Although the AmEx is now a division of the NYSE, over 500 stocks are still traded on the exchange, and according to, there are over 25 AmEx stocks with yields above 2.5%. Many of these stocks are closed end funds, real estate investment trusts also known as REITs, and oil and natural gas income partnerships.

One that trades on the exchange is the Nuveen Municipal High Income Opportunity Fund (NYSE:NMZ), which has paid monthly dividends since January of 2004. This closed end fund yields 8.8%. They raised their dividend in 2008.

Genesis Energy LP (NYSE:GEL) transports, refines, and supplies oil and natural gas. Quarterly dividends have been increased every quarter since July of 2005 and have been paid since April 1997. This limited partnership yields 7.1%.

Park National Corp. (NYSEMKT:PRK), a bank holding company, has paid quarterly dividends since December 1996 and has raised their dividend every year. The stock yields 6.4%.

For a free list of high yielding American Stock Exchange stocks, six of which yield more than 9%, go to The list can be downloaded, sorted, changed, and added to.

Disclosure: Author owns NYX.