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Many investors use the PEG ratio as a valuation tool these days because it puts a company's growth prospects into perspective along with the widely followed price to earnings ratio. The PEG ratio is the P/E ratio over the growth rate, and a PEG of less than one is generally considered good.

In this regard, we have created "PEG" ratios for a number of countries using the P/E ratio of each country's main equity market index along with 2010 estimated GDP growth rates. Just as with stocks, the lower the country PEG, the more attractive. As shown, India has the best PEG out of the countries we analyzed. It has a P/E ratio of 26.19 and estimated 2010 GDP growth of 8%. While its P/E isn't as low as a lot of countries, its growth rate is very high. China ranks second with a PEG of 3.66. The US ranks in the middle of the pack with a P/E of 24.53 and estimated GDP growth of 2.6%. At the bottom of the list sits Switzerland, Italy, and the UK, while Australia, Japan, and Spain have negative PEGs due to either a negative P/E ratio or negative estimated GDP growth.

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Source: Country 'PEG' Ratios