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Editor's notes: Conservative guidance and a track record of beating estimates has LeapFrog poised to jump over a bar of low expectations. 20% short-term upside with an intact long-term growth story.

LeapFrog (LF) was founded in 1995 by a father trying to make learning fun for children. Presently, it is a company earning tens of millions of dollars every year with a market cap of half a billion dollars. Though this return by itself is already remarkable, this article will detail why the current story behind LeapFrog's stock is even more outstanding, and how it provides investors with an opportunity for outsized returns.

The Business

LeapFrog, headquartered in California, designs and develops technology-based learning products, and its proprietary operating systems and learning platform products, specially for children aged 0 to 9. Learning products include its LeapPad learning tablets, Leapster handheld educational gaming systems and the Tag and Tag...

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