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Editor's notes: Key divestitures and improving operations has OTIV poised for a turn. A plentiful patent portfolio protects the downside, and the big NFC market opportunity could offer major returns.

On Track Innovations (OTIV) is our top stock pick for 2014 (so far), albeit one, that we are highlighting six weeks before New Year. It is the sole stock in our portfolio that we believe has a realistic chance of delivering a 5x or better return over the next 12 months - with little risk of permanent capital loss. It shares numerous qualities with many of our other long ideas. It is underfollowed, has financials that are optically worse than reality, is on the cusp of profitability, is well positioned in mega-markets, has patents whose value likely exceeds the company's market cap, and potential litigation awards that could pay out multiples of the market cap, and has an...

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