Sirius XM Radio, New York Times Riskiest Media Company Investments

Includes: NYT, SIRI
by: Research Recap

Let’s hope The New York Times’ (NYSE:NYT) plan to charge for online content works: the company is ranked one of the most risky media investments based on Audit Integrity’s accountancy and governance risk. It is exceeded only by Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI).

Scripps Network Interactive (NYSE:SNI) has the best risk ranking among media companies.

Interestingly, the higher risk companies have been performing better than more conservative companies, the opposite of the usual case.

The current market environment is showing classic signs that it is, for the moment, disregarding risks.

Audit Integrity says this “is simply a function of the market responding to the pendulum having swung too far in the downward direction in 2008.”

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