Rob Black's Tech Stock Report

by: Rob Black
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) said it will start selling the new Vista operating system to corporate customers in November and at retail stores in January.

Sony-Ericsson (NYSE:SNE) announced at handset unit shipments were 19.8 million, up 43% y/y and 26% sequentially. Sony-Ericsson's upside is positive for Texas Instruments (NYSE:TXN) which is well positioned with Sony-Ericsson and is in fact gaining share there.

Yahoo's (NASDAQ:YHOO) efforts to acquire Facebook aren't making much progress. Sources say a deal is unlikely unless Yahoo increases its roughly $1 billion offer or changing business conditions made Facebook's management more inclined to sell.

A Finnish broadcasting company is considering complaining to US courts about the use of its material on Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) new toy, YouTube. The company claimed that many postings on the site were illegal and suggested that Google's acquisition of should make it easier to settle the matter.