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Below is a look at the recent performance of various asset classes using our key ETF matrix. For each ETF, we highlight its year-to-date change, its quarter-to-date change, and its week-to-date change.

While US stocks are still solidly in the green both year-to-date and quarter-to-date, they've struggled so far this week. There's red across the board no matter which areas of the market you look at, but midcaps have been hit especially hard. Other areas that have taken it on the chin this week include the Consumer Discretionary, Materials, Utilities and Telecom sectors. Financials and Health Care have held up the best, but they're both in the red as well.

International stocks have also traded lower this week. Areas like Spain, Australia and Brazil are down more than 2%. The one area of the world that isn't down is China. As shown, the FXI ETF is up nearly 3% since last Friday's close, and Hong Kong (NYSEARCA:EWH) is up 0.54%.

Looking at commodities, oil is down 0.74% this week, while gold and silver have gotten crushed, falling 3.38% and 4.30%, respectively. Silver is now down 35% year-to-date, which is the worst performing asset class in our matrix.

Finally, with interest rates moving higher over the last two days, fixed income ETFs are lower. The 20+ year Treasury ETF (NYSEARCA:TLT) is down 1.86% week-to-date, leaving it down 15.18% on the year.

Outside of China, there has really been nowhere to hide this week.

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