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In November 2008 I described energy storage as an investment tsunami, an energy efficiency mega-trend that was still in its infancy but destined to grow to gigantic proportion and endure for decades. Events over the past year have unfolded about as I expected them to. This morning Reuters reported on a new survey of venture capitalists attending the World Economic Forum in Davos. While I wasn't surprised to learn that clean-tech is a hot topic in the VC world, I was amazed by the following graphic summary of the survey results.

When Energy Management and Energy Storage tie for first place, and each of them eclipses all other categories by a wide margin, I have to believe that 2010 will be a very good year for the domestic pure-play energy storage companies I've been tracking since starting this blog.

This is fun and I'm having it.

Disclosure: Long AXPW.OB, CHP, XIDE, ZBB, ACPW