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The following Savings & Loan association banks (S&L) accept savings deposits and make home and other loans. S&Ls must have 65% of their lending in mortgage and consumer loans. Due to this, they are highly vulnerable to the housing market.

S&Ls with more than 4% dividend yields are shown below:

Name Symbol Dividend Yield as of January 25, 2010
Alliance Financial Corporation ALNC 4.51%
BCB Bancorp, Inc. BCBP 5.19%
Capitol Federal Financial CFFN 6.15%
Carver Bancorp, Inc. CARV 5.19%
Dime Community Bancshares, Inc. DCOM 4.66%
Emclaire Financial Corp EMCF 4.13%
Elmira Savings Bank, FSB ESBK 4.92%
First Capital, Inc. FCAP 4.97%
FFD Financial Corporation OTCPK:FFDF 5.57%
Flushing Financial Corporation FFIC 4.32%
Greene County Bancorp GCBC 4.39%
Harleysville Savings Financial Corp. OTCQX:HARL 5.53%
Hudson City Bancorp, Inc. HCBK 4.57%
HF Financial Corp. HFFC 4.74%
K-Fed Bancorp KFED 5.08%
Landmark Bancorp, Inc. LARK 4.64%
LSB Financial Corp. LSBI 4.95%
NASB Financial, Inc. NASB 4.14%
Northeast Bancorp/ME NBN 4.00%
OceanFirst Financial Corp., Inc. OCFC 4.48%
Oneida Financial Corp. ONFC 5.05%
River Valley Bancorp RIVR 6.27%
Rome Bancorp, Inc. ROME 4.26%
TF Financial Corporation THRD 4.19%
WVS Financial Corp. WVFC 4.49%
Brooklyn Federal Bancorp, Inc. BFSB 4.84%
Heritage Financial Group HBOS 4.44%
First Financial Northwest, Inc. FFNW 5.36%

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